Biblical Veganism is a movement for Christians that believe compassion should include all sentient life, that animals have great value, and that we ought to act as caretakers rather than dominators.

Biblicalveganism.com is a resource site; a website where we discuss arguments that suggest we should live on a plant-based lifestyle, as well as arguments that seem to hint the contrary: all from a Biblical Perspective. It is also the start of “Veganism and The 21st Century Bible,” a book of the collected verses and references that show the supporting arguments for veganism in the modern day Bible. *edit* Browse the Table of Contents for specific links to each area.

I hope you can learn from here and that you can share this information with others. If you have any questions or a specific topic that you would like to see mentioned here, go ahead and shoot an E-Mail to biblicalveganism@gmail.com

-Samuel Barger, August 1st, 2015

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    1. Samuel Barger Post author

      Yes, actually. On the page titled, “Download,” you can get a PDF of the entire book. The last 4 pages are all the sources, including the Biblical ones 🙂


  1. Andy Bosik

    The other day, I observed a truck pulling a trailer packed with cows and bulls.
    They were moving around and you can tell they were agitated and afraid.
    This hurt my heart to see this. It got me thinking about some questions.

    I know that GOD is compassionate,
    but is GOD compassionate towards animals?

    The Bible says that a Sparrow does not fall without GOD noticing it,
    but taking note of a Sparrow falling,
    and having pity on the fallen creature are not necessarily the same thing.
    The security camera outside my house will take notice of a fallen sparrow,
    but my security camera doesn’t care one way or the other about that sparrow.

    Why does GOD condone humans eating animals
    (God said to Peter, “Arise, Kill and Eat”),
    when studies have shown that we can get all the Protein, Vitamins, Minerals
    and Nutrients we need from a Plant based diet?

    If we are meant to be meat eaters,
    then why don’t we have sharp teeth and fangs like the meat eating animals?
    Instead we have flat teeth like the primarily plant and fruit eating animals
    such as Chimpanzees and Cows?

    Most people agree it was evil and inhumane to stuff Jews into Box-Cars
    and ship them off to be slaughtered in death-camps,
    but why does society have no problem doing the same thing to animals?

    I know that GOD expects us to Trust Him,
    even when we don’t always understand why HE does certain things,
    or allows certain things to happen.
    I trust GOD, but to be honest these things trouble me.
    Perhaps these questions won’t be answered this side of Heaven.



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